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Short Synopsis
In the second installment of Missy Kalicicki and Abi Ketner's Sinners series, Cole is once again faced with losing Lexi at the hands of a monster, and one capture will change everything. Forever.

Full Synopsis
It's been three months since the revolt against the Commander's 50-year-old regime failed. Under a new ruler, things were supposed to change. Get better. Now, Wilson is in charge. But, can he really be trusted? Can anyone? Lexi and Cole soon find out, as life takes an unexpected turn for the worse. In this ever-changing world, you must hunt or be hunted. Lives will be lost. Hopes will be crushed. Fears will be realized.

"Hunted—the much awaited follow-up to the YA dystopian novel Branded—bleeds with intensity and nail-biting drama." ---Vilma's Book Blog


Author Missy Kalicicki, Abi Ketner

Narrated by Jorjeana Marie

Publication date Sep 22, 2015

Running time 11 hrs

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