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Short Synopsis
Bestselling thriller writer Whitley Strieber explores what might happen if alien-human hybrids—who would think like aliens, but appear human—invaded the earth.

Full Synopsis
For years, people have feared that sexual material removed from victims of alien abductions might lead to the creation of something that modern science considers impossible: hybrids of the alien and the human.

They would think like aliens, but appear human, and be able to do something that full-blooded aliens can't: walk the earth freely.

In Hybrids, Whitley Strieber unleashes his unparalleled skills as a thriller writer and his unique knowledge of the abduction phenomenon to explore what might happen if hybrids invaded the earth—not from the stars, but from exactly where the aliens told him they would emerge, when one of them said, "We will come from within you."


Author Whitley Strieber

Narrated by David Colacci

Publication date Jun 1, 2011

Running time 13 hrs

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