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Short Synopsis
S. A. Hunt presents Book 2 in the Malus Domestica series.

Full Synopsis
Robin—now armed with new knowledge about mysterious demon terrorizing her around town, the support of her friends, and the assistance of her old witch-hunter mentor—plots to confront the Lazenbury coven and destroy them once and for all.

Meanwhile, a dangerous serial killer only known as The Serpent is abducting and killing Blackfield residents. An elusive order of magicians known as the Dogs of Odysseus also show up with Robin in their sights.

Robin must handle these new threats on top of the menace from the Lazenbury coven, but a secret about Robin's past may throw all of her plans into jeopardy.

I Come With Knives

Author S.A. Hunt

Narrated by Eva Kaminsky

Publication date Jul 21, 2020

Running time 13 hrs

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