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Short Synopsis
A must-listen novella from the author of Ice Planet Barbarians. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Vektal & Georgie: What happens after happily ever after? Quite a bit, actually. Georgie and Vektal are mated, but Georgie has a few things on her mind before she settles into her new life . . . why not have a honeymoon?

Raahosh & Liz: Newly-mated (and grudge-holding) Liz wants nothing more than to be away from the tribe that's exiled her man. Raahosh wants to prove to Liz that he can be a good mate, even if he's ugly. On a honeymoon, they can get to know each other better. Perfect, right?

Aehako & Kira: Kira and Aehako are happily mated and waiting for their baby's arrival. Everything is great . . . or is it? Because carefree Aehako has turned into the most hovering of spouses, and he's making everyone at the cave crazy. Kira thinks it's time for a vacation . . . of sorts.

Rukh & Harlow: Rukh and Harlow are starting over at the beach, away from everyone else. Newly mated, they're just now realizing what a monumental task it is to create a home when you've got nothing but the leathers on your back. It's even worse when you can't talk to your mate. Will misunderstandings ruin everything?

Contains mature themes.

Ice Planet Honeymoon – A Compilation

Four Ice Planet Barbarian Novellas

Author Ruby Dixon

Narrated by Mason Lloyd, Hollie Jackson

Publication date Feb 15, 2022

Running time 6 hrs 2 min

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