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Short Synopsis
Matt Rogers presents the second novel in the Jason King series.

Full Synopsis
Venezuela's overcrowded prison system is hell on earth. Murders, corruption, and gang wars are nothing out of the ordinary. On a humid summer's day in the state of Vargas, a new prisoner arrives at "El Infierno," the country's most notorious gulag. Newcomers are subject to savage beatings. They're treated as slaves by the general prison population.

But not this time . . .

Because the fresh arrival is ex-U.S. black ops mercenary Jason King, locked up without a trial, determined to work out who falsely charged him with murder—and why. He wonders which inmate will provoke him first and unleash who he used to be . . .


A Jason King Thriller

Author Matt Rogers

Narrated by Roger Wayne

Publication date Sep 12, 2017

Running time 8 hrs

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