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Short Synopsis
An award-winning journalist vividly reports her two year, 60,000 mile global odyssey in the company of exceptional women who choose to dedicate their lives to Buddhism.

Full Synopsis
In 2011, Christine Toomey met an unforgettable group of Tibetan Buddhist nuns. After hearing their stories—of prison, extreme hardship, and ultimately fleeing into exile—she resolved to learn more about the private, courageous women of Buddhism: who they are, their experience of suffering, what motivates them to seek enlightenment, and what stands in their way. Toomey's quest took on even greater urgency with the sudden deaths of her father and mother, and her own search for healing wisdom in the aftermath of loss.

In Search of Buddha's Daughters introduces us to women from around the world who have come to the ordained life from every faith and career. Toomey meets a Harvard graduate who sometimes breaks into hip-hop moves after meditating, a Japanese nun who has written bestselling erotica, and a Nepalese order of nuns who practice kung fu for spiritual and physical empowerment.

Through insightful conversations with over thirty women, Toomey investigates Buddhism as an antidote to the problems of life in the twenty-first century, and considers the status of women today worldwide, and within one of our oldest wisdom traditions.

"An inspiring and necessary addition to the body of work about modern-day Buddhism." ---Kirkus

"This is a worthwhile read for those seeking accounts on the intersection of feminism and Buddhism." ---Publishers Weekly

In Search of Buddha's Daughters

A Modern Journey Down Ancient Roads

Author Christine Toomey

Narrated by Alison Larkin

Publication date May 17, 2016

Running time 11 hrs 24 min

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