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Short Synopsis
In this latest entry in the Shadow Force series, with danger closing in, Paige Grayson and Delta Force operative Mace Stevens must depend on each other.

Full Synopsis
Haunted by a mission he barely survived, Delta Force operative Mace Stevens still carries a soldier's burden. Running a small bar in upstate New York, he remains a stone-cold warrior who guards dangerous secrets and stays ready for anything. Anything except beautiful, vulnerable Paige Grayson, who shows up at his door, demanding answers about her heroic stepbrother's death under his command.

Paige bears burdens, too. She's plagued by demons unleashed by an older brother who committed mass murder before her eyes. But here in this snowy haven with Mace, she almost feels safe from the menacing promises of her insane sibling. As a nurse whose hands can read the deepest thoughts of anyone she touches, Paige knows that Mace needs her as desperately as she needs Mace. And when a faceless killer begins unleashing fresh terror, Mace proves just how far he will go to save the woman who means everything to him.

"Red-hot romance. White-knuckle suspense." ---Lara Adrian

"Tyler works in plenty of romance as Mace draws Paige into the Delta Force family." ---Publishers Weekly

"Chalk up another wonderful Delta Force novel for Tyler, and this may be the best yet. It's a traditional romantic suspense with murder, passion and a "to die for" hunk, but Tyler has added the extra touch of paranormal by giving her heroine psychic abilities. It adds extra interest and conflict to the already exciting plot." ---Romantic Times

In the Air Tonight

A Shadow Force Novel

Author Stephanie Tyler

Narrated by Johanna Parker

Publication date Dec 12, 2011

Running time 9 hrs

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