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Short Synopsis
Helen Scott and May Dawson present Book 2 in the Prisoners of Nightstone series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
A girl on the run should never fall in love with her bounty hunter. A witch should never fall in love, period.

But I did, and now I'm paying for my sins in Nightstone. I'm also committing all-new sins with a sexy alpha wolf and one delectable alpha vampire.

It's unheard of: two alphas from two different factions, falling in love with one woman. Our relationship has brought new peace when everyone expected a turf war.

Except . . . someone needs that war between my two alpha males. Bodies are turning up in Nightstone. The vamps and the shifters crave vengeance from each other, and if their alphas won't give it to them, they'll wash Nightstone with blood anyway.

On top of that, that sexy jerk of a bounty hunter just swaggered into Nightstone, and everyone wants to kill him. Including me. Most of the time. His gaze still sets my blood on fire, and sometimes, I want the man to live long enough to grovel.

Can I find a way to keep peace between the factions—and between these two alpha males in my bed—and to save my bounty hunter's life?

Contains mature themes.

Incantations and Inmates

Author Helen Scott, May Dawson

Narrated by Stephanie Rose, Troy Duran

Publication date Mar 23, 2021

Running time 5 hrs 11 min

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