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Short Synopsis
An entertaining and provocative account of India's past, written by one of the country's leading thinkers.

Full Synopsis
For all of India's myths, its sea of stories and moral epics, Indian history remains a curiously unpeopled place. In Incarnations, Sunil Khilnani fills that space, recapturing the human dimension of how the world's largest democracy came to be. His trenchant portraits of emperors, warriors, philosophers, film stars, and corporate titans—some famous, some unjustly forgotten—bring feeling, wry humor, and uncommon insight to dilemmas that extend from ancient times to our own. As he journeys across the country and through its past, Khilnani uncovers more than just history. In rocket launches and ayurvedic call centers, in slum temples and Bollywood studios, in California communes and grimy ports, he examines the continued, and often surprising, relevance of the men and women who have made India—and the world—what it is. We encounter the Buddha, "the first human personality"; the ancient Sanskrit linguist who inspires computer programmers today; the wit and guile of India's Machiavelli; and the medieval poets who mocked rituals and caste. Incarnations is an ideal introduction to India, and a provocative and sophisticated reinterpretation of its history.

"Incarnations is a major work by one of India’s most impressive minds, and the best possible introduction to both the complexities and the charms of Indian history.” ---The Guardian

“A tour de force of intellectual history, engagingly written.” ---Financial Times

“Khilnani is a rare blend of scholar and cracking travel writer . . . This exceptional book serves as a further reminder of India’s great strengths.” ---Sunday Times

“An immensely readable teaching tool.” ---Kirkus

"Each profile is brief yet inclusive, fascinating and worthwhile. . . . Vikas Adam's faultless pronunciation add interest and authenticity." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"Khilnani’s writing is easy to read, yet authoritative." ---New York Times


India in Fifty Lives

Author Sunil Khilnani

Narrated by Vikas Adam

Publication date Sep 20, 2016

Running time 17 hrs

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