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Short Synopsis
Jeffery H. Haskell presents the third book in the Full Metal Superhero series.

Full Synopsis
Amelia saved her parents, saved the USA, and maybe even saved the world.

But she's not out of it yet. Aliens are coming and they aren't planning on playing nice. When huge drones with unbelievable firepower fall from the sky, it's up to the Full Metal Superhero, some new friends, and old allies, to stop them. However, alien drones aren't the only thing falling from the sky. If Amelia can't find a way to defeat the drones, and stop the threats from old enemies, she might just be at the end of her rope. If Arsenal falls . . . humanity falls with her.

Inescapable Arsenal

Author Jeffery H. Haskell

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Publication date Jul 31, 2018

Running time 4 hrs 27 min

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