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From the inimitable woman who popularized Italian cuisine in America, Marcella Hazan's simple and elegant manual on how to shop for the best ingredients and prepare the most delicious meals is a must-have for every home cook.

Full Synopsis
When Marcella Hazan died in 2013, the world mourned the passing of the "Godmother of Italian cooking." But her legacy lives on, through her cookbooks and recipes, and in the handwritten notebooks filled with her thoughts on how to select the best ingredients—Ingredienti. Her husband and longtime collaborator Victor has translated and transcribed these vignettes on how to buy and what to do with the fresh produce used in Italian cooking, the elements of an essential pantry, and salumi.

Before you know how to cook, you must know how to shop. From Artichokes to Zucchini, Anchovies to Ziti, Ingredienti offers succinct and compelling advice on how to choose vegetables, pasta, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto, and all of the key elements of Marcella's classic meals. Organic isn't necessarily best, boxed pasta can be better than fresh. Marcella's authoritative wisdom and surprising tips will change the way you cook.

"Marcella Hazan may be gone, but her authoritative voice lives on in this handy primer on how to choose the best vegetables, olive oil, cheeses and other culinary staples." ---New York Times

"Not only is Wiley's Italian accent believable but she also portrays Hazan's vivacious personality." ---AudioFile

"Narrated by Elizabeth Wiley, the helpful instructions flow effortlessly. . . . Her voice is smooth and comforting like the foods she describes." ---Mason Canyon


Marcella's Guide to the Market

Author Marcella Hazan, Victor Hazan

Narrated by Elizabeth Wiley

Publication date Jul 12, 2016

Running time 5 hrs

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