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Short Synopsis
USA Today bestselling author Chelsea Camaron presents the fourth installment of the Hellions Motorcycle Club series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Her life is full of structure, routine, and organization. Settled, comfortable, and content, corporate accountant Caroline Milton loves knowing what to expect every minute of every day. More importantly, she loves knowing her life is what she pictures it to be and not what she came from.

The Catawba Hellions VP is a wild one, refusing to be tamed. His motto—"hit it, get it, and go; no repeats"—guarantees a new woman in his bed nightly. His life, though, suddenly tilts on its axis when his wild days come barreling back with a major responsibility. Suddenly, Drexel "Rex" Crews finds he has a real reason to settle down.

When a situation quickly spins out of control at work for Caroline, she reaches out to the one group she least expected to find herself dependent upon—the Hellions Motorcycle Club. Asked as a personal favor from Doll to protect her best friend, Rex can't refuse.Protecting Caroline was supposed to be an innocent task. However, the attraction from their first meeting leaves a fire burning strong inside of them both.

Can their innocent ride become a journey to long-lasting love?

Contains mature themes.

Innocent Ride

Author Chelsea Camaron

Narrated by CJ Bloom, Nelson Hobbs

Publication date Jul 20, 2016

Running time 6 hrs 21 min

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