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Short Synopsis
Sariah Skye presents the third book in her Curse of Avalon series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
My name is Ava Dawson, and life has really changed for me the past couple of months. I'm no longer alone, and no longer invisible, but that doesn't mean everything is perfect. My father is unattainable, my magic still has a very distracting presence, and I'm once again a target for nefarious supernaturals.

On top of it all, things are a little rocky in our unconventional "relationship." I must discover secrets, heal broken hearts, discover new powers, and quell the pain of jealousy. If that weren't enough, we must search for a spell in broad daylight that can make the difference between triumph and terror for a lot of people, with no clue where or what it is.

No pressure or anything, right?

Through it all I'm trying not to crack, but it's hard when the greed, the desire, the need for battle and lust for magic is anything but sedate; it's positively insatiable.

Contains mature themes.


Author Sariah Skye

Narrated by Hollie Jackson, Ryan Turner

Publication date Jan 17, 2019

Running time 12 hrs 5 min

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