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Short Synopsis
Rebecca Hall presents the third book in the Symphony of the Cursed series.

Full Synopsis
The long hidden heart of the Twisted Curse had been found, concealed in a realm that no angel can enter, where magic runs wild and time is just another direction. The Twisted Curse is the key to ending the Eternity War and it can only be broken by someone willing to traverse the depths of Faerie.

Unfortunately, Mitch has other things on his mind. For reasons that currently escape him he's going to university, making regular trips to the Netherworld and hunting down a demon. The Academy might have prepared him for university but Netherworlds and demons were inexplicably left off the curriculum, not to mention curse breaking.

And then the Angels return, and this time they're hunting his best friend.

Instrument of Chaos

Author Rebecca Hall

Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Publication date Sep 11, 2018

Running time 10 hrs 7 min

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