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Short Synopsis
Michael Anderle presents Book 2 in the Chooser of the Slain series.

Full Synopsis
Worrying about a one-way ticket to the closest psych ward wasn't supposed to be a concern when Valerie Kearie changed jobs.

She traveled across the ocean, almost died on a routine assignment, and kicked ass . . . with the help of a Valkyrie spirit sent by Odin. How could her life get any crazier? Not a question she has time to ask when her company and her partner never slow down.

Viking Inc. and the Jarls need Valerie and Jacob to stay on the job. Valerie must juggle work and continuing to figure out her working relationship with the entity known as Reginlief.

The spirit won't take her body over against her will, will it?

The Terrorists don't know or care about Valerie and Jacob. For the partners to win, they have to figure out the game first and then the rules.

Which works for Valerie . . . until it's time to toss out the rulebook and take matters into her own hands. Can Valerie handle the changes going on inside her as her life spirals out of control? Can she help those who need a protector without divulging her secrets?

When the Chooser of the Slain is on the battlefield, everyone needs to keep their heads down.

Into the Battlefield

Author Michael Anderle

Narrated by Megan Tusing

Publication date May 9, 2023

Running time 10 hrs

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