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Short Synopsis
He's working for the good guys; that doesn't mean he's one of them. He's a killer. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Thorne McKelvey knows exactly how Nadia sees him—as a brute and a killer just kinky enough to play her sexy games. Leaving her was the hardest thing he ever did, but his undercover mission could blow up at any second. No way will he drag Nadia down with him.

Maybe it was foolish to fall in love with her late father's deadliest henchman, but Nadia Volkov's not sorry; without Thorne she wouldn't have their beautiful little boy. There's nothing she won't do to protect Benny, which means she must hide his identity—especially from his father.

Now Thorne has burst back into her home, searching for clues to a gangland mystery—and stirring a hunger Nadia hasn't felt in two years. Can Thorne and Nadia trust each other long enough to stay alive and have a chance at happiness?

Contains mature themes.

"Romy is quickly becoming a 'narrator I can count on.' Her pacing, voicing variations, and emotion hits just the right note. Very well done!" ---The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

"Romy Nordlinger has a nice voice…" ---The Book Nympho

"Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I like the undercover aspect with Thorne. He has to do some really tough things to keep his cover, he just keeps his endgame in his mind." ---Hot Listens

"Into the Shadows feeds into that yen for the dark, damaged hero like catnip for felines." ---Dear Author

"It's going to be hard for another book this year to impress me more than this one… Into the Shadows is suspenseful, gritty, violent, sexy - everything I want in a romantic suspense." ---Smexy Books

Into the Shadows

Author Carolyn Crane

Narrated by Romy Nordlinger

Publication date Dec 2, 2014

Running time 11 hrs

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