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New York Times bestselling author Laurie Notaro shares hilarious tales of marriage and family with irresistible candor that makes for a laugh-out-loud funny and utterly unforgettable listen.

Full Synopsis
Everyone's favorite Idiot Girl, Laurie Notaro, is just trying to find the right fit, whether it's in the adorable blouse that looks charming on the mannequin but leaves her in a literal bind or in her neighborhood after she's shamefully exposed at a holiday party by delivering a low-quality rendition of "Jingle Bells." Notaro makes misstep after riotous misstep as she tries (and catastrophically fails) to gain some ground—delightfully whipping up butter-laden cupcakes for the local vegan kids, finding herself banned from the post office for wanting too many two-cent stamps ("The post-office lady looked at me like I had just asked her if she wanted to buy my sex tape"), and discovering what appears to be a corpse on her front lawn seconds before her sister is due to visit ("I had approximately three to four minutes to move the carcass from my yard into my neighbors' yard so my sister would think it was their dead person"). She shares tales of marriage and family, including stories about the dog-bark translator that deciphers Notaro's and her husband's own "woofs" a little too accurately, the emails from her mother with "FWD" in the subject line ("which in email code means Forecasting World Destruction"), and the dead-of-night shopping sprees and Devil Dog–devouring monkeyshines of a creature known as "Ambien Laurie."

At every turn, Notaro's pluck and irresistible candor sets the New York Times bestselling author on a journey that's laugh-out-loud funny and utterly unforgettable.

"An earthy collection of slices of life easily recognized by anyone who has ever gone toe-to-toe with a bossy postal clerk or a recalcitrant relative." ---Booklist

"Notaro's humor is self-deprecating without ever swaying into self-pity, and her situations are both specific and universal." ---Publishers Weekly
New York Times Bestseller

USA Today Bestseller
Author Interview
Laurie Notaro

It Looked Different on the Model

Epic Tales of Impending Shame and Infamy

Author Laurie Notaro

Narrated by Hillary Huber

Publication date Jul 26, 2011

Running time 7 hrs

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