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Short Synopsis
Eminent historian Richard Brookhiser presents a vivid portrait of James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution" and one of America's greatest statesmen.

Full Synopsis
James Madison led one of the most influential and prolific lives in American history, and his story—although all too often overshadowed by his more celebrated contemporaries—is integral to that of the nation. Madison helped to shape our country as perhaps no other Founder: collaborating on the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights, resisting government overreach by assembling one of the nation's first political parties (the Republicans, who became today's Democrats), and taking to the battlefield during the War of 1812, becoming the last president to lead troops in combat.

In this penetrating biography, eminent historian Richard Brookhiser presents a vivid portrait of the "Father of the Constitution," an accomplished yet humble statesman who nourished Americans' fledgling liberty and vigorously defended the laws that have preserved it to this day.

"Brookhiser's keen interest in his subject is always present. Dietz's engagement keeps listeners' interest.… It's a fascinating take on Madison's career, showing the genesis of modern politics and media." ---AudioFile

"A useful introduction to a man who is often outshone by his presidential predecessors but who nevertheless was instrumental in creating our modern political system." ---Kirkus

"Brookhiser gives fans of the Revolutionary generation and those interested in the origins of American politics an engaging and succinct narrative." ---Library Journal

"Brookhiser brings his succinct style to bear on the only founder more elusive than Jefferson. The result is a distinctive portrait of Madison as America's original man for all seasons." ---Joseph J. Ellis, author of First Family

James Madison

Author Richard Brookhiser

Narrated by Norman Dietz

Publication date Dec 12, 2011

Running time 10 hrs

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