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Short Synopsis
Michael Head presents Book 1 in the Wandering Warrior series.

Full Synopsis
A divine quest to deliver justice. One year to accomplish his mission. After nineteen planets, there's something different about this one.

James Holden has reached the maximum level there is for a human. That's perfect, because he's the only one of his kind: a wandering warrior, without control of his destination, tossed between universes by gods who've failed to tell him why. James is the lone Judge on a new world in need of someone to balance the scales. He isn't afraid to do so with extreme prejudice. As the Chief Justice, he has to right the wrongs the innocent can't fix themselves.

As James quickly discovers, the roots of corruption run deep. Guilds choose to protect themselves rather than the people. Monsters roam the wilderness unchecked. Judgment is usually a decision between right and wrong, but nothing is ever that simple. This time, being the strongest human won't be enough to punish the guilty. James might have to recruit some new blood, even if he prefers to work alone.

On his twentieth world, he is going to win, no matter the cost. James will have to find a way to break past the limits of the system if he's going to have a chance at making a difference.


Author Michael Head

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Feb 13, 2024

Running time 13 hrs

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