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In Jumpstart Learning in Your Kids, Bridget Spackman, a public school educator and the YouTuber behind The Lettered Classroom, shares her expertise with parents to help educate and encourage children, learn how children succeed, and support lifelong education in the home and beyond.

Full Synopsis
Instead of focusing only on children's books for your kids to work through alone, get the family book that can help you with educational, positive parenting. Jumpstart Learning in Your Kids is for any parent who is having trouble ensuring their child is receiving the education they deserve—and who wants to encourage their children to continue learning for their entire lives. Parents will be supported with numerous resources to jumpstart their child's education.

Learn how children succeed—and how your conscious parenting can help them. Whether homeschooling or just trying to make sure you support your child's education in your home, ensuring that kids reach their potential is crucial. Author and educational expert Bridget Spackman is here to assist with Jumpstart Learning in Your Kids. This book will help you with:

● Learning more about the developmental levels of your kids and how they relate to learning

● Identifying appropriate learning times and various real-world opportunities that you can provide for your child at home

● Strategies on how to help your children with problem solving, difficult tasks, and establishing a routine and schedule for success

Jumpstart Learning in Your Kids

An Easy Guide to Building Your Child’s Independence and Success in School

Author Bridget Spackman

Narrated by Heather Wynne

Publication date May 18, 2021

Running time 4 hrs 8 min

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