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Short Synopsis
Katy Kaylee presents Book 2 in the Brother's Best Friend series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Rafe Buchanan—6'3". Hard muscle. Marine MP. My brother's best friend. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago!

Also the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever—my daughter (well, our daughter I should be saying). Did I tell you he kinda left me, asking me to move on? So, that's what I did. I moved on to study further, to raise my child and to work with the Marines. Everything is going great until . . .

Rafe shows up at my clinic. He's seeking a cure for PTSD, and I'm his counselor. It's totally f*ck*d up, right?

Once again, our attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable and don't even get me started how good he is in bed. I want him so bad, but can't let him know about our daughter. There's no way our relationship could work.

They say war is hell, but isn't love a torture!

Contains mature themes.

Just Another Chance

Author Katy Kaylee

Narrated by Elizabeth Russell, Alex Kydd

Publication date Mar 10, 2020

Running time 6 hrs 19 min

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