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Short Synopsis
Erin Nicholas presents the fourth book in her Just Everyday Heroes: Day Shift series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
She needs a date to some swanky something-or-other. He's more of a fish-sticks-and-denim guy. But for a woman who's not afraid to get naughty in an elevator at a charity fundraiser, he can stand a couple days of smoked salmon and Armani. With their chemistry there's no doubt they can pull off a fake relationship. They just need to remember that in the end, they're going in very opposite directions. But what could go wrong? It's just a weekend. It's just this one time. It's just for fun.

Contains mature themes.

"Karen White did an amazing job with this one. The humor in the dialogue was performed expertly." -Books of My Heart

Just for Fun

Author Erin Nicholas

Narrated by Karen White

Publication date Jan 29, 2019

Running time 11 hrs

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