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Short Synopsis
Fantasy meets horror in this gore-soaked, standalone LitRPG adventure!

Full Synopsis
A private server. A digital playground. An alliance of the world's most sadistic, most depraved minds. A place to bring their prey, to hone their skills.

Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon. Survival horror. One of the most brutal, most terrifying full-immersion games ever made. A place where fantasy characters such as elves and dwarves clash with technology, where giant monsters roam the hills, entrusted with protecting the gates of heaven from the demons who would tear it all down.

A game where one plays the last of the battlefield surgeons: a healer tasked with keeping the behemoths alive at all costs.

But on this server, they don't care about the game. That's not why they're here. They've come because of the game's most unique feature: Full pain. Realistic anatomy. The ability to bring their victims well beyond the body's normal breaking point. And most importantly, the ability to bring them back and do it all over again.

Trapped in a bloody, merciless nightmare, Duke only has one goal. To survive. And in order to survive, he must play the game. He must win the game. And to do that, he must become the most cruel, most ruthless monster of them all.

Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon

Author Matt Dinniman

Narrated by Joe Hempel

Publication date Apr 21, 2020

Running time 20 hrs 9 min

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