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Short Synopsis
Claire Cullen presents Book 2 in the Lost Pack series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Every pack needs a Keeper, an omega to smooth their rough edges. And Josh definitely isn't it.

Forced to babysit some spoiled and disgraced omega actor, Cole is not a happy alpha. He's determined to send Josh packing, whatever it takes. But first impressions aren't everything.

All Josh has to do is keep his head down and survive his month of "volunteering." Easier said than done when the alpha he's staying with is treating him like some sort of Cinderella. There's something different about Cole and his friends. They're no book club. Of that, he's certain. But when a fight with Cole reveals a secret Josh never meant to tell, he learns there's more to the alpha than his gruff exterior.

When Cole gets a glimpse behind the mask that Josh wears, he sees a very different side to the omega than the picture painted by the media. But that world of lies and manipulation is all Josh knows. As he's pulled back in by the scheming of his ruthless agent, Cole's protective instincts kick in. Can he convince Josh that there's more to life than his next role?

Contains mature themes.


Author Claire Cullen

Narrated by John Solo

Publication date Jul 14, 2020

Running time 7 hrs

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