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Short Synopsis
In the second novel in Mimi Pamfiloff's King series, Mia Turner continues to uncover dangerous secrets about the handsome billionaire she can't seem to get away from. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
When Mia Turner's life becomes tethered to a mysterious billionaire who she swears is the devil himself, she knows that she must break free. It doesn't matter if everything about him—those sinful lips, those pale gray eyes, that perfect male body—keeps her awake at night. He's evil, and she has to get away.

But when this man, known simply as King, suddenly disappears, Mia will discover that she's not home free. Because without King, she's no longer safe from his ruthless, depraved, power-hungry social circle.

To survive, Mia will have to conceal King's absence and walk a mile in the evil man's twisted, cruel shoes. What she discovers will leave her more terrified and her heart more conflicted than she ever imagined.

Contains mature themes.

King for a Day

Author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Narrated by Helen Wick

Publication date Apr 21, 2015

Running time 8 hrs

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