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Short Synopsis
The swords are sharper and the Fire is hotter in King of Mist, the action-packed sequel to Duel of Fire.

Full Synopsis
Dara Ruminor takes her new position as a castle guard for the King of Vertigon very seriously. She refuses to allow her feelings for Siv to get in the way of atoning for her parents' actions, no matter how hard it is to keep her distance. But she's keeping secrets from her king—and the one involving a fiery newfound ability is getting harder to hide.

When Sivarrion Amintelle ascends the throne of Vertigon, he's condemned to the drudgery of council meetings, strategic marriages, and the maneuverings of ambitious noblemen. There aren't nearly enough sharp, pointy objects involved, and a certain swordswoman still makes him want to sneak away from his duties at every opportunity.

But the Peace of Vertigon is over, and unknown foes conspire to end Siv's reign before it truly begins. As their enemies' plots grow more complicated, Dara and Siv will have to enlist help from an unlikely source. But if her secrets get out, Dara will have even bigger problems. And Siv might decide not to trust her after all.

"This second installment of the series did not disappoint. . . . it [was] highly addictive." ---Lit Picky

King of Mist

Author Jordan Rivet

Narrated by Caitlin Kelly

Publication date Nov 1, 2016

Running time 10 hrs

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