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Camilla Chafer presents Book 7 in the Lexi Graves Mysteries.

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When Lexi gets her latest gig, tracking down a blackmailer guilty of extorting thousands of dollars from the country's hottest girl band, it's a dream come true. However, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous doesn't turn out to be as much fun as she hoped. Instead of four cool, young women with a squeaky clean image, who are eager to aid in her investigation, Lexi must deal with incessant squabbling and fighting from a band who will do just about anything to hinder her search for the truth. Before she even gets started, disaster strikes: one member of the band is found dead with a knife in her back. Has the blackmailer graduated to murder?

Now, with one member dead, and another the chief suspect, Lexi must unveil the secrets the band is hiding from their adoring fans. As the truth slowly unfolds, and the press and paparazzi descend on Montgomery, Lexi must find the culprit and fast, before disaster strikes again.

Along with the band's serious problems, (as if she didn't already have enough to contend with), Lexi's personal life also takes a puzzling turn. Her boyfriend-slash-boss and her best friend suddenly start behaving very strangely around her. Lexi, however, is bound and determined to find out what's going on with the two most important people in her life while solving the trickiest investigation of her career.

Kissing in Action

Author Camilla Chafer

Narrated by Vanessa Daniels

Publication date Dec 14, 2021

Running time 9 hrs

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