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Short Synopsis
The twentieth anniversary edition of the study that first revealed Hernando de Soto's path across the sixteenth century American South includes a foreword by Robbie Ethridge.

Full Synopsis
Between 1539 and 1542, the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto led a small army on an expedition of almost four thousand miles across Southeastern America. De Soto's path had been one of history's most intriguing mysteries until the publication of Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun. Using a new route reconstruction, anthropologist Charles Hudson maps the story of the de Soto expedition, tying the route to a number of specific archaeological sites.

De Soto's journey cut a bloody and indelible swath across both the landscape and native cultures in a quest for gold and glory. The desperate Spanish army followed the sunset from Florida to Texas before abandoning its mission. De Soto's one triumph was that he was the first European to explore the vast region that would be the American South. But in 1542, he died a broken man on the banks of the Mississippi River.

In this classic text, Hudson masterfully chronicles both De Soto's expedition and the native societies he visited. The narrative unfolds against the exotic backdrop of a now extinct social and geographic landscape. A blending of archaeology, history, and historical geography, this is a monumental study of the sixteenth century Southeast.

Knights of Spain, Warriors of the Sun

Hernando de Soto and the South's Ancient Chiefdoms

Author Charles Hudson

Narrated by Gary Tiedemann

Publication date Aug 23, 2022

Running time 21 hrs 24 min

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