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Short Synopsis
Part history lesson, part training manual, and part animal narrative, Samson's is a story that all readers will be able to relate to: a story of survival, of trust, and ultimately, finding love.

Full Synopsis
Last Chance Mustang is the story of Samson, a formerly free-roaming, still wild-at-heart American mustang that was plucked from his mountainous Nevada home and thrown into the domestic horse world where he was brutalized and victimized.

After years of abuse, Samson had evolved into a hateful and hated, maladjusted beast until the day he found his way to a rural Illinois farm, an ill-equipped owner, and one last chance. Mitch Bornstein's task was to tame the violent beast whose best defense had become offense. He had twenty years of experience fixing unfixable horses, but Samson would be his greatest challenge. Through the pair's many struggles and countless battles, Samson would teach Mitch about the true power of hope, friendship, redemption and the inspiring mettle of the forever wild and free American mustang.

"A tough but engrossing tale of redemption, perseverance, and the bond between a horse and trainer." ---Booklist

"Horse enthusiasts will be moved by Samson's tale, laughing at his quirky personality and weeping at the injustices experienced by this noble beast." ---Library Journal

"Three cheers for Last Chance Mustang." ---Susan Richards, author of Chosen By a Horse

Last Chance Mustang

The Story of One Horse, One Horseman, and One Final Shot at Redemption

Author Mitchell Bornstein

Narrated by Tom Zingarelli

Publication date Jul 15, 2015

Running time 8 hrs 6 min

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