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Short Synopsis
The conflict between humans and griffins comes to a head in this thrilling conclusion to the epic Griffin Mage trilogy.

Full Synopsis
In Feierabiand, in the wide green Delta, far from the burning heat of the griffin's desert, Mienthe's peaceful life has been shaken. Tan—clever, cynical, and an experienced spy—has brought a deadly secret out of the neighboring country of Linularinum.

Now, as three countries and two species rush toward destruction, Mienthe fears that even her powerful cousin Bertaud may be neither able nor even willing to find a safe path between the secret Linularinum would kill to preserve and the desperate ferocity of the griffins. But can Mienthe?

And, in the end, will Tan help her or do everything in his power to stand in her way?

Law of the Broken Earth

Author Rachel Neumeier

Narrated by Emily Durante

Publication date Dec 2, 2010

Running time 14 hrs

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