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Short Synopsis
With this effective, easy-to-follow guide, listeners can develop the power of perception and imagination to live effortlessly and joyfully.

Full Synopsis
As our holistic view of the world grows and we become more aware of personal and collective energy, our level of perception is transforming from something singular—the physical form—to a greatly expanded awareness that includes intuition, past and present, right and left brain, and heart and body.

As our perceptive ability evolves, we must unlearn and relearn the principles of how we live, create, and grow in order to be successful in the rapidly transforming reality of the Intuition Age. Written with clarity and insight, Leap of Perception offers a comprehensive guide on how to adapt to an expanding paradigm of perception.

Building on her first two books, The Intuitive Way and Frequency, author Penney Peirce once again translates a powerful and complex concept into an effective life practice that is accessible to all.

Listeners will learn to materialize the situations they want, resolve conflict in relationships, expand their creativity, reduce exhaustion and anxiety from multitasking, ease fear caused by the transformation process, develop new attention skills, and more. Leap of Perception is an amazing gift.

"[Peirce] unmasks the power of human creativity and offers very impressive simple and potent mastery techniques. Leap of Perception is a must-[listen] for anybody who desires total freedom and unlimited creativity." ---Barbara hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind

"With wisdom and clarity, Leap of Perception is a wonderful gift for the exploration of consciousness." ---Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Life Visioning

Leap of Perception

The Transforming Power of Your Attention

Author Penney Peirce

Narrated by Tanya Eby

Publication date May 21, 2013

Running time 11 hrs 4 min

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