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Short Synopsis
Life in Reverse is a new stand-alone young adult romance from Beth Michele, the author of For the Love of Raindrops. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
What happens when a quirky artist meets a bad boy?

Ember never thought she'd fall for a bad boy like Vance, even if he did read Hemingway.

Vance and Ember didn't love each other at first sight. They didn't even like each other.

Ember, with her quirky ways, and Vance, and his angry, broody exterior. But there was more to both of them than met the eye. And when layers were peeled back, all their broken pieces exposed, they soon got a lot more than they ever bargained for . . .

And found a love they never expected.

Contains mature themes.

Life in Reverse

Author Beth Michele

Narrated by Nelson Hobbs, Lisa Larsen

Publication date Feb 12, 2019

Running time 11 hrs 8 min

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