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Short Synopsis
Peter Walsh, bestselling author and popular regular guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, is back with a book that moves beyond clearing clutter to help listeners create a less-is-more life that is completely fulfilling.

Full Synopsis
In his previous bestselling books, Peter Walsh helped audiences successfully get rid of the clutter in their homes, on their bodies, and in the six key emotional and spiritual areas of their lives. Now, in Lighten Up, Walsh explores what happens when the clutter is finally gone and shows listeners how to let go of wanting more and learn to live a richer, fuller life with what they already own.

For many of us, the new austerity has left us feeling afraid and deprived, but Walsh explains that this shift in priorities is a great opportunity to reassess our lives and circumstances and make changes that focus us on the things that really matter. He asks two questions: How much does the life you want cost—in money, time, and energy? And what would your ideal life be? He then offers clear practical steps to help listeners find the balance between these two answers and offers ways to scale down their wants by repurposing, reusing, and reimagining what they already own so that they can create a life of clarity, balance, and peace.

"With the help of John Lee's enthusiasm and consistency, Walsh's inviting wisdom creates the hope that we can rein in our excesses and recast what it means for us to be happy." ---AudioFile

"Motivated [listeners] will find plenty of helpful tips to jump-start their self-transformations." ---Publishers Weekly

Lighten Up

Love What You Have, Have What You Need, Be Happier With Less

Author Peter Walsh

Narrated by John Lee

Publication date Dec 31, 2010

Running time 8 hrs

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