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Short Synopsis
Ryan Casey presents Book 1 in the Surviving the EMP series.

Full Synopsis
When the lights go out, how far will you go to survive?

When an EMP devastates the nation's power supply, it doesn't take long for society to spiral out of control. There is no government to guide people. There is no power and no order. Only chaos and panic.

In the immediate aftermath of the devastation, five survivors—a self-sufficient survivalist, a university student, a plane crash survivor, a young girl, and an escaped prisoner—all face a dangerous, treacherous journey towards safety.

But as the day goes on and tensions reach breaking point, our survivors soon realize this solar event is far more dangerous than they could ever have imagined . . .

Lights Out is the first book in the Surviving the EMP post apocalyptic series chronicling five very different survivors and the way they handle disaster. If you enjoy stories of ordinary people thrown into devastating new circumstances, you'll love Lights Out.

Lights Out

Author Ryan Casey

Narrated by Gabriel Vaughan

Publication date Nov 26, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 12 min

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