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Short Synopsis
Alexander C. Eberhart presents a must-listen contemporary romance novel. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Note To Self: Just Don't Be Weird

Lock is awkward. He can't make eye contact, counts when he's nervous and has to remind himself several times a day how 'normal' teens behave. Homeschooled most of his life, he's resigned himself to a friendless existence at his new Atlanta high school. Until he meets West.

List Of Reasons Why My Life Is A Mess: How Much Time Do You Have?

West has everything. Looks. Talent. Money. And secrets . . . so many secrets. Beneath the surface of West's perfect existence is a pain he's buried so deep a million therapists couldn't unearth it and he's determined to keep it that way. He's an actor. He can act normal. But then there's Lock.

Sometimes Two Wrongs Can Be Right

They don't fit. Their lives are equal but opposite disasters and the universe just keeps throwing obstacles in their path. Every time they are together they find it harder to say goodbye, harder to keep their secrets, harder not to lean on each other. But for this relationship to have a fighting chance, the two must stop trying to re-write the past and start figuring out how to build a future . . . together.

Contains mature themes.

Lock & West

Author Alexander C. Eberhart

Narrated by Joel Leslie

Publication date Nov 3, 2020

Running time 10 hrs

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