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Short Synopsis
The interstellar courier returns in the second installment of William C. Dietz's Run duology, a novel of one man's choices—and a galaxy's fate.

Full Synopsis
Making good on a promise to a dead man, Rebo must deliver an AI known as Logos to a mysterious backwater planet. Once there, Logos will be capable of restoring the system of star gates that once knitted the settled worlds together. But as the Techno Society wars with murderous antitechnics, Rebo gets caught in the middle—and all he can do is run.

"In a military SF novel that will entertain [listeners] with a taste for cheerfully casual mayhem, much treachery and betrayal ensue, and there's seldom a dull-or quiet-moment." ---Publishers Weekly

"Dietz's stories have in common intrigue, action, romance, and a well-realized setting." ---Booklist

Logos Run

Author William C. Dietz

Narrated by Sean Runnette

Publication date Mar 5, 2014

Running time 11 hrs 22 min

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