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Short Synopsis
Elizabeth Johns presents Book 7 in the Gentlemen of Knights series.

Full Synopsis
Desperation, jealousy, intrigue . . . unrequited love.

Lady Maria Mottram was plain by ton standards. Yet, gentlemen were drawn to her for her pleasing wit, ability to speak of their favorite pastimes, and for her lofty family connections which made her very handsome indeed. Until one wretched day when her family's name was attached to scandal. Swept away by friends to Paris, Maria is faced with a whole new heartache of watching the man she has loved forever be captivated by another, and her needing to marry quickly.

Captain Lord Philip Everleigh was one of England's most dashing heroes. Every man wanted to be him and every lady wanted to have him. He was one of Wellington's most trusted spies, working under the cover of diplomacy. Numbed with the world of glittering intrigue, he finally finds a beautiful Archduchess who stirs his blood.

Philip and Maria had been close friends since childhood, but Philip's good judgement appears to be lost to his infatuation.

Will Maria be able to save him before its too late? Will she lose Philip forever and resign herself to a loveless marriage?

Lord of the Knight

Author Elizabeth Johns

Narrated by Alex Wyndham

Publication date Dec 20, 2022

Running time 6 hrs 8 min

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