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Short Synopsis
A rollicking exploration of the history and future of our favorite foods.

Full Synopsis
A rollicking exploration of the history and future of our favorite foods.

When we humans love foods, we love them a lot. In fact, we have often eaten them into extinction, whether it is the megafauna of the Paleolithic world or the passenger pigeon of the last century. In Lost Feast, food expert Lenore Newman sets out to look at the history of the foods we have loved to death and what that means for the culinary paths we choose for the future. Whether it's chasing down the luscious butter of local Icelandic cattle or looking at the impacts of modern industrialized agriculture on the range of food varieties we can put in our shopping carts, Newman's bright, intelligent gaze finds insight and humor at every turn.

Bracketing the chapters that look at the history of our relationship to specific foods, Lenore enlists her ecologist friend and fellow cook, Dan, in a series of "extinction dinners" designed to recreate meals of the past or to illustrate how we might be eating in the future. Part culinary romp, part environmental wake-up call, Lost Feast makes a critical contribution to our understanding of food security today. You will never look at what's on your plate in quite the same way again.

"Tanya Eby's smooth narration whets the listener's appetite as she explains how species extinction translates to culinary extinction." ---AudioFile

Lost Feast

Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food

Author Lenore Newman

Narrated by Tanya Eby

Publication date Oct 8, 2019

Running time 9 hrs 8 min

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