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Short Synopsis
Eliot Grayson presents Book 5 in the Mismatched Mates series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Not being able to feel pain might sound like heaven . . . but it's a living hell.

After enduring more than a year of imprisonment and experimentation, Ash is finally free—but not unscathed. Unable to feel pleasure or pain, and without any memories of his life before his ordeal, he's at the mercy of his rescuer: an alpha werewolf who promises he'll protect Ash no matter what.

Drew is handsome, caring, and kind, but he might not be all he seems, and he's suffering his own ill effects of his briefer imprisonment. When he burst into Ash's cell drenched in blood after ripping their torturers to pieces, Ash looked into his eyes and didn't see anything but safety.

But he's dangerous. And if he can't control himself, Ash could suffer a worse fate than the one he escaped . . .

Contains mature themes.

Lost Touch

Author Eliot Grayson

Narrated by Chris Chambers

Publication date Aug 30, 2022

Running time 10 hrs 29 min

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