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Short Synopsis
From the author of the Devil's Dust series comes Love Tap, a second-chance, MMA romance novel. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
All I ever wanted was to be a female fighter. It was in my blood to smack people around. Some girls wore pink dresses and makeup, I wore sneakers and bruises.

I was a loner, stuck to myself because I was different, until Camden Steel moved next door. I punched him in the mouth, and he saw me through rose-colored glasses from that day on.

I had everything I ever wanted. The boy next door, inspiring career . . . until I didn't.

He hates me. I deserve that.

They say you have to fight for what you want . . . What they don't tell you is, it'll cost you more than you're willing to give to reach the top.

Contains mature themes.

"Amelie and Rudy had the best voices for Tate and Candem. Their attitudes, inflections, different acccents and paces made their performances flawless." ---Collector of Book Boyfriends

"The story is good . . . I liked the female fighter aspect. Of her desire to prove she could fight, despite what other around her were saying." ---Cocktails and Books

"This story was amazing. . . . There were twists and turns, I did not see coming and a fantastic ending to the book." ---Jo and Isa Love Books

"I enjoy second-chance romances, friends-to-lovers romances, and this had a little of it all." ---Mignon Mykel Reviews

Love Tap

Author M. N. Forgy

Narrated by Amelie Griffin, Rudy Sanda

Publication date Jan 25, 2017

Running time 10 hrs

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