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Denise Swanson presents Book 3 in the Change of Heart series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Delaney believes life is an adventure, but when she receives a lottery ticket for a birthday she's not having, from a father she hasn't heard from in eighteen years, not even her horoscope can predict the astonishing outcome.

Spencer is responsible, decisive, and in control, but his world was destroyed when he couldn't stop his wife's downward spiral into alcohol, drugs, and depravity. When she died in the arms of her lover during a high-speed automobile accident, Spencer lost all faith in his ability to right the wrongs evident all around him. Renouncing his affluent lifestyle, he moves to a small town in Illinois, determined to save his daughter from a life of too many dollars and not enough sense.

How can a man whose guilt makes him believe he doesn't deserve love and a woman who doesn't trust men ever find each other? With her newfound wealth, Delaney and Spencer can't agree on anything, except the chemistry between them.

When everything around them spins out of control, will Delaney and Spencer take the ultimate gamble and realize what's truly important in life? Or will they give up on the game of love and lose everything?

Contains mature themes.

Lucky Girl Hits the Jackpot

A Change of Heart Romance

Author Denise Swanson

Narrated by Samantha Summers

Publication date Jun 28, 2022

Running time 10 hrs

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