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Short Synopsis
Heather Grace Stewart presents Book 4 in the Love Again series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Is life a game of chance, or what you choose to make it? The small-town romantic comedy with lots of laughs, tears, steam, and a HEA, from the author of the Amazon bestselling romcom The Ticket.

Dylan Douglas considers herself unlucky. She lost her job at Edwin Cove's Starry Night Café, she's accident prone, can't land an audition, her roommate's a pyromaniac, and her rent's long overdue.

Driving to an audition for a movie role on Sunset Ridge, a piglet leaps off a transport truck ahead of Dylan, and swerving to avoid hitting it, her car goes into a tailspin and the BMW behind her crashes into her car. They aren't harmed, but the poor injured piglet needs a vet. When the driver takes off his sunglasses, Dylan recognizes him as Hollywood movie star Mason Ellis!

Together they name the piglet Lucky, and Dylan's life changes overnight. A lead movie role, a luxury trailer on set, a whole new wardrobe, sweet new friends, and Mason's idyllic family farm. It's everything Dylan ever wanted.

But is what Dylan wants what she truly needs? And what does luck have to do with it?

Contains mature themes.


A Love Again Novel

Author Heather Grace Stewart

Narrated by Gary Furlong, Parker Everly

Publication date Feb 13, 2024

Running time 6 hrs

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