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Short Synopsis
Elizabeth Sims presents Book 3 in the Lillian Byrd Crime series.

Full Synopsis
Once again Lillian Byrd is down on her luck, strumming her mandolin for spare quarters alongside Blind Lonnie, Detroit's resident blues guitarist. But a chance encounter with her childhood friend Duane is about to completely capsize her life. One summer night when Lillian was twelve, flames ripped through the Polka Dot, a bar owned and run by her parents. Three bodies were found in the ashes: those of her mother, her father, and the barmaid, Trix Hawley. Or so Lillian has always thought. But when Lillian and Duane put their stories together, the past erupts into a wild enigma. As the two friends travel, accompanied by the tenacious crime writer Minerva LeBlanc, to the underbelly of Las Vegas to find the truth about their parents, Lillian must face the demons of the past in ways she never dreamed possible. With Lucky Stiff, the author of the best-selling Lillian Byrd Crime Series has crafted yet another white-knuckle thriller.

Lucky Stiff

Author Elizabeth Sims

Narrated by Dina Pearlman

Publication date May 23, 2023

Running time 7 hrs

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