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Short Synopsis
David Delaney presents the third book in his Paragon Society series.

Full Synopsis
A secret society of mages and shape-shifters is at war with blood magic–wielding bad-guys. It would be super cool if the world weren't, you know, in danger of being overrun by evil buttheads.

When the Paragon Society needs a situation contained, they call in their top battle mage, Lucy, a dual-blade wielding, fireball throwing, kicker of butts.

But a traumatic injury has fractured Lucy's psyche, leaving her trapped deep inside her subconscious. The Society and her friends are desperate to save her and are willing to try anything. The devised plan seems simple enough; Orson and the gang will get magicked into Lucy's mind, locate her, and bring her out.

Yeah, right.

Lucy's mind has gone into protection mode, perceiving any rescue attempt as a threat and the last place anyone wants to be is on the wrong side of a pissed-off battle mage.


A Paragon Society Novel

Author David Delaney

Narrated by Matt Godfrey

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 11 min

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