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Short Synopsis
In the eighth installment of Quinn Loftis's Grey Wolves series, Vasili meets his match in Alina, his mate . . . his Luna.

Full Synopsis
The most powerful Alpha in the history of the Romanian Grey Wolves has found the woman who becomeshis mate and helps him become the man he needs to be in order to lead.

Every life leaves behind a legacy. The Alpha of the Romania Grey Wolves knows this better than most. His story began a century ago, and now a tragedy has led him to his rightful place as Alpha of the Eastern Romania pack.

In order to be raised up he had to first be torn down, and there is only one who could do this and live—only one who could light his way when the darkness closed in: his mate, his Luna. This is the building of their legacy . . .

Luna of Mine

Author Quinn Loftis

Narrated by Abby Craden

Publication date Feb 10, 2015

Running time 7 hrs

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