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Short Synopsis
Sometimes family, friends, and boys are flavors that just don't mix. A delightful tale of first love . . . and macarons!

Full Synopsis
When Lise Santos stumbles into a bakery's midnight taste test, she meets a supercute boy. He's as sweet as the macarons they share, and Lise is totally smitten. She's pretty sure he is, too—but they never get a chance to exchange names. Now Lise has to find him again . . .

When Lise finally discovers who her mystery guy is, he's not at all what she expected—and suddenly they don't get along anymore! Things become even more complicated when her friend Viv starts to express interest in him. Now Lise's head and heart are all in a jumble. Can she gather the courage to admit her true feelings . . . or is this a recipe for total disaster?

Macarons at Midnight

A Wish Novel

Author Suzanne Nelson

Narrated by Sofia Willingham

Publication date Mar 29, 2022

Running time 5 hrs

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