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Short Synopsis
Sadie Jacks presents Book 5 in the Iron Serpent Chronicles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Betrayal has a way of making things clearer.

When Kiema finally makes it back to Azica, she's expecting some time to train and learn how to actually fight. With alliances made and battle lines drawn, she's thrown into a tug of war between her two surviving relatives. And they don't care if she gets ripped apart.

Betrayed on both sides, she's turning to the people she knows she can trust. Luckily, the family she's been building for herself is more than capable of standing with her. Fighting on her side. Sharing their magic. Now, Kiema and her family are about to go to war, and it's anyone's guess who will come out the victors.

Contains mature themes.

Magic Freed

Author Sadie Jacks

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, Heather Costa

Publication date Apr 27, 2021

Running time 6 hrs 9 min

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