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Short Synopsis
In the eighth installment of Devon Monk's bestselling Allie Beckstrom series, Allison Beckstrom's talent for tracking spells has put her up against some of the darkest elements in the world of magic. But she's never faced anything like this...

Full Synopsis
Magic itself has been poisoned, and Allie Beckstrom’s undead father may have left the only cure in the hands of a madman. Hunted by the Authority—the secret council who enforces the laws–wanted by the police, and unable to use magic, she’s got to find the cure before the sickness spreads beyond any power to stop it.

But when a death magic user seeks to destroy the only thing that can heal magic, Allie and her fellow renegades must stand and fight to defend the innocent and save all magic...

"War is coming and Monk does an outstanding job ratcheting up the tension and danger, keeping both characters and readers on a knife's edge." ---RT Book Reviews

Magic Without Mercy

Author Devon Monk

Narrated by Emily Durante

Publication date May 13, 2015

Running time 10 hrs

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