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Short Synopsis
Timothy Ellis presents the fourth book in the Hunter Legacy series.

Full Synopsis
"All good heroes are insane."

Was that really a joke? Jonathon Hunter hasn't the time to ponder the labels people try to put on him.

The war shifts from defensive to offensive. The stakes get higher, as the means to fight the aggressors finally become available.

But has he risen too high? Or are the consequences of his own actions, interfering with his judgement?

As fast as you move, the past is faster, and always catches up with you when you least expect it.

This is not a game, and being a Hero has its own price tag.

Just where is the point, where you Make, or Break, the Hero?

Make or Break the Hero

Author Timothy Ellis

Narrated by Graham Halstead

Publication date Dec 12, 2018

Running time 7 hrs

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