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Short Synopsis
Make Them Cry is an engrossing psychological thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Vicious and Unspeakable.

Full Synopsis
Everyone has secrets . . .

The beautiful young judge. The hardworking waitress. The handsome college student.

Some are meant to be kept . . .

The victims are all different, but they will all have one gruesome detail in common.

But others can kill . . .

A clever serial killer is stalking the streets of Seattle. Searching for this next victim. Creating a monument of madness that will be built victim by victim, piece by piece, bone by bone . . .

"Tim Campbell was the perfect voice behind Kevin O'Brien’s psychological thriller, his voice made it easy to fall into the story and hear about the chilling actions of the killer and the clues dropped here and there throughout the story." ---Literary Treasure Chest

Make Them Cry

Author Kevin O'Brien

Narrated by Tim Campbell

Publication date Aug 9, 2016

Running time 11 hrs 9 min

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